This World Market Watch widget will keep you up to date on all world stock markets with real time quotes. This widget never stops monitoring current world stock markets, so you will see quotes of many world market indices and symbols. Our free Basic widget is configurable to poll markets by continents. Our widget can be configured to include stock symbols and its appearance is customizable to fit the look of your website! Install our widget and monitor at your own convenience!

Basic widget Custom widget
World Markets Pre-selected Customizable
Stocks Not available Available
Custom Colors Non customizable Customizable
Advertisement Yes No
Price Free Starts at $19 / month
Please select configuration: [All Markets] [American Market] [Asian Market] [European Market]

Manual Real Time Quotes Widget Installation:

If you would like to manually install this SaneBull widget, simply copy the code below and paste it into your web page:

If you would like to change the indices, add your favorite stocks, remove the advertisement, or select the colors of the widget, click here.

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