The SaneBull Custom Stock Market Contest widget allows you to embed a piece of code into your website that will allow you to almost instantly have a stock market game or contest on your website.

stock market website

This Stock Market Widget allows your users to:
  • practice trading U.S. stocks and mutual funds in a risk-free environment
  • use limit and stop orders
  • test trading strategies
  • compete for prizes

As the webmaster, adding a free stock market contest into your stock market website:

  • greatly increases pageviews and customer retention
  • allows you to collect customer data when they register for the contest
  • allows you to create daily, weekly, monthly or whatever contest you want
  • allows you to control the cash balance, trading rules, commission structure, etc.
  • allows you to match the look and feel of the stock contest with the look and feel of your website thru a configurable CSS
There is a slight bit of configuration that needs to be done so please call our Corporate Sales Team at 1-514-871-2222 ext 232 for more information.

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